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An excellent restaurant in Daytona Beach Florida!

When owner Martin Lopez arrived in the United States he has created a great goal in the heart, and he swear to himself, open his own restaurant, also set himself the goal of being the owner of the best chain of Mexican restaurants. Deciding to share a little of our Hispanic land with everyone. Likewise after many sacrifices he was able to give Life to his dream on September 9, 2015.

Today we are proud to present a dream come true, a fight with firmness, which gave way to our restaurant Brisas del Mar Mexican Restaurant, today located in Daytona Beach Florida, and also to inform them that in a few months we will open our second restaurant ... Brisas del Mar Mexican Restaurant is not just a restaunt it's a little bit of Mexico inside the United States.

Most days you can meet Martin Lopez at the door and I invite you to enjoy the best Mexican food restaurant.  

(396) 944-9752


Mexican Restaurant In Daytona Beach

Martin Lopez

Brisas Del Mar - Martin Lopez

Martin Lopez, a man with dreams and fighter, is currently the owner and manager of Brisas del Mar restaurant, with more than 15 years of experience in customer service, restaurant services and Mexican food gurmet.

He is a charismatic and visionary person, it is as a goal that our restaurant is the best in florida and very soon all over the United States. Today proud of introducing you to its first Brisas del Mar restaurant, currently positioned on social networks and web pages as the number 4 restaurant with excellence in Mexican food, within the area of Daytona Beach Florida.

1500 Beville Rd, Ste 501, 32114 Daytona 

Robert Abreu

An active person with a lot of charisma, is responsible for our advertising and commercial strategies, is also the person you can talk to if you want to suggest some change. He is our Commercial Advertiser.


Our team

All our work team is specialized in customer service, and kitchen, all will wait for you with a smile on their faces they will feel at home.